Everyone is beautiful inside and out, never let anyone tell you different! Every single person on this planet, is beautiful. There is no such thing as a girl or a boy been fat or ugly. Everyone is beautiful in there one way. Nobody is perfect, every one makes mistakes. Everyone breaks down, everyone are scared, angry, happy... that is life.. And everyone deserves to feel happy and good about themselves. Everyone deserves to know that they are beautiful inside and out, everyone deserves to hear the words that is the truth.


You, the one reading this, you are beautiful inside and out! You are amazing and talented. You have to stand up for yourself, stand up, hold your head up high and show the world how beautiful you are! 

I will update the blog so many days in the week I can, but I have so much to do in school right know and a lot on my mind so I will stand down with the update for a while. But there will be 1-4 updates in the week, that is a promise, I just don't know how many it will be because I am stressed over school and I need to focus so much on that but I don't want to shut this blog done so I just will update it whenever I get time!


Stay Strong And Never Give Up Hope! Remember that you are beautiful, inside and out. You can do anything you want to do, if you only believes! 


// Mickaela



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