Do you ever feel...

Do you ever feel scared, angry, sad? Happy one secound and then sad the next. Do you ever feel like you want to quit everything and disappear and never come back? Do you feel like everyone is better of without you? That you got nothing left to live for? Do you feel like give up everything you ever worked for? Every single battle you have won? Do you want to let it all go? Do you feel like you are worthless? Do you feel like no one would miss you if you want away? Do you feel like everyone hate you without any reasons? Do you feel that nothing you do is ever good enough?


I know how that feels, I have been there so many times and sometimes I still fight does battles. I know how it feels to think that everyone in this life would have it better of without me in it. I used to think so.. I used to thing I was a bad person, someone that nobody would miss, someone nobody would notes. I thought I worthless, stupid, bitch, bad... I thought I was nothing. Nothing better than air.. But then I realised that I was worth more. I was worth more than people told me, more than I was thinking myself. I was and still are worth to live. I'm worth a place here on the earth just like everyone else.


Every single person on this earth IS worth to live. Every person has right to feel down, feel angry, sadness, happiness, lost.. We are only humans, we can't really control are feelings but we can decide when it is enough and we can all start over. We can all make a different and we can make our life better. YOU are worth so much in this world, just like everyone else. We are different but at the same time, so equal. We have everyone felt like this sometimes in our life. Some felt like this yesterday, some will feel like this today, tomorrow, the day after, everyday someone in the world is feeling like this.


But everyone should know, it is okay to feel like this. It is okay to cry and break down. It is okay, life ain't fear and feelings ain't wonderful..




// Mickaela