Do you ever feel...

Have you ever feelt like your heart belongs somewhere else... like you are suppost to be somewhere else in this world? Are you tierd of feeling like you don't belong anywhere. Are you sad because you don't know where to go or what to do with your life? 

Maybe you have your hole life planned out.. then something happens and everything changes. Everything you have fought for is gone.. you feel like you have lost everything and you have no idea what to do? Do you feel like giving up? 

Don't ever give up. Even if life don't go as you want it do, never give up on your dreams. You will succeed if you believe in yourself. Fight for what you believe in and never ever give up. Sure, life is hard but in the end it will be worth the fight. Hard work is the key. Fight until your dreams comes true and never ever surrender.
People always say that everything happens for a reason. Maybe that is true? Maybe not? I don't know it that is true, every people have different thoughts about that. But I know that life is hard. But it also can be great sometimes.

Stay Strong And Never Give Up Hope!
// Mickaela


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