I'm standing up for every single person

I am so damn tired of hearing that people want to end there life, that people are giving up hope, giving up there dreams, friends, family because of people that is been mean to them, bullying them. So many out there is dying every day because they can't stand the pain of been bullied or hurt by people.. that is making me sick..

I don't understand, is it so dame hard to be nice to people? NO ONE deserves to be treated bad! No one deserves to cry themselves to sleep because of a really bad day in school, or feel ugly because people told them that they are fat.. because EVERYONE is beautiful inside and out! I really can't understand how mean people can be and that is making me angry because it need to stop. Words, punches do hurt, trust me cause I know but come on, we all need to stand up for each other. No one deserve this hate that a lot of people all around the world is getting.

Some of the worst things I know is people that is getting bullied, that is killing themselves because of bullying.. people that is crying themselves to sleep almost every night and is waking up with pain in the chest and is trying to do anything to not go to school.. It hurts to know that there are thousand of people all around the world that is feeling the exact same feelings I have felt the hole time I have going to school and got bullied, 11 and a half year.

I ask myself, when is bullying going to stop, I wish I could say today but I can't. I would give up anything to stop the bullying today, because it is wrong and no one deserves it.

I want to tell you that are getting bullied, that you are really beautiful, stay strong love. Things may seem dark, but everything is going to be okay. Everything will be okay one day, maybe not tomorrow or the next day but soon I hope. I know it can feel hopeless but there is hope out there, there is something worth living for, I promise you that. I found something worth living for and that is to make people smile, help people get true bullying, and other hard times. I live to make other people happy and I will not give up on people. I am always going to be here if people need to talk because I stand on your side. I promise to do anything I can to make an end for bullying because it really hurts to know that people are going true the things I did. So I promise everyone that is reading this, I will do anything I can to make bullying to came to an end. I can't do it alone but I will do whatever I can. I stand up for every single person that is giving up on themselves, I promise to never give up on you and I will never stop fighting this battle until bullying is over forever.

I am standing up for everyone I can. This is a never ending battle but I won't give up until the fight is over for good.



// Mickaela


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