Like the person in this video (a amazing person) are saying, people is so stressed out and don't really smile that often. So smile to every person you meet outside. Say hey or just smile. I always does it and people smile and it seams like the old people feel happy for a little bit. I love to see others smile and that is what I will try today so I will write a little text and yeah, maybe you will smile, maybe not but yeah. 

Hey beautiful, yes, I am talking about the person behind the computer or phone that is reading this right now.You are beautiful no matter what people say. You have a beautiful smile so please, don't hide the smile away, show the world it. Show the world and the people that you have something worth living for and a smile can make life better. I smile every day to people I meet because I know that a smile can make another persons day better, so I want to make the best for everyone, to make everyone feel like there is someone that care, because I care. You may feel like you have no one that cares in this world, but the truth behind, are that people are to scared to stand up and fight for someone else, to scared to tell people that they care but I am not. I care and I stand up for everyone. I can't take when someone say that “that girl/boy are ugly..” because EVERYONE is beautiful in there own ways. No matter how you look, smile because you are beautiful and that is something everyone deserves to hear! So stand up, smile and show everyone how you are, show that you don't care what people say because you are beautiful!“


Things may don't seams so bright right now, but I promise, everything will be okay and don't ever forget that there is someone that cares and wants to tell you that you are beautiful!


Smile with joy and have fun! 


// Mickaela


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