Speak up


Do you ever tell people that you are tired when they ask how you are? But the truth is that you are just really sad? Stop lying for everyone, stop telling people that you are fine when the truth is diffrent. Tell someone how you are feeling, it is better to talk to some one than to hold everything inside you. Trust me, nothing is going to get better if you don't speak up.

Are you tired of feeling lost, feeling like nothing you do is worth anything. Are you tired of feeling the way you are? Are you tired of feeling sad, angry, upset and worthless?? Are you ready do stand up for yourself, or are you scared to stand up and talk, scared that no one will listen? Don't be, I know there is people out there that wants to help, you just need to speak up. Go and talk to someone, a parent, a teacher, anyone you may trust. I promise you that it will help, maybe not the first time but after a while it will be easier. To speak out is hard when you don't trust anyone but trust me, it is better than keeping everything to yourself.

Don't ever keep everything to yourself, speak up and out in a blog or talk to someone. It helps to get the feelings out, I promise!

I know it can be scary to speak up but in the end it is so worth it. It can help you if you are on the way to break down, to give up. Talking to someone or just send a text, it can help!

I am always here if you need someone to talk to, just send a mail to: Changelifes@hotmail.se and I will try to help you, cause I will always care even if I don't really know how. But one thing I know, is that everyone is important and everyone deserve the best!

Sorry for the bad update, but has alot in my mind, alot in school but I promise to update the blog 1-3 days a week, and it has been that for sometime and when things gets better in school the update will be more :) 

Stay Strong And Never Give Up Hope!

// Mickaela


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