Don't take people for granted


People that told me that the would never leave, ended up leaving just as everyone else did.”

I have learnt to never get to attached to someone because everyone eventually leaves, in one way or another.. everyone that promised me to stay when I was getting bullied lied, because the could not stand the facts.. but that is okay, well, for me. But everyone deserves to have people standing up for them and that is what I will do but I can't promise to stay, because everyone eventually leaves. But as long as I can, I will stand up for everyone that is going true hell and back, I will walk the path with you, tell you that you are strong, that you can win. But one thing is, never to take me for granted, like everyone else.


I love to help people but I have things to deal with myself to, something like every single person has, but I don't mind putting those aside to help others, that is something that I like. When other people are better I feel good and I feel better. I will be here as long as I can but please, don't take me or the blog for granted, some day I won't be writing the blog any more, but I hope that is a long time until that happens.


Whatever you do, never, ever take people for granted. Some people will never leave you until they dies, but one thing I know is, to never take a person for granted because how much the love you, things can come in there way that maybe leaves you alone..


Stay Strong And Never Give Up Hope!”


// Mickaela