To Forgive


Have you ever waited for an apology that you maybe know never will come? Or have you got an apology but don't know if you ever will trust the person again? I know that it can be hard to forgive people but in the end it is worth it for you.

It is not easy at all to forgive a person for destroying your life. I have long been going around, waiting for many apologies but there was not many that came. I know it is wired but I can't hate the people that has hurt me for so many years because in the end it made me the person I am today, and it made me want to fight bullying all around the world and make it stop. It made me focus on something that I really want to see end because no one deserves this. I know I am crazy to say that I am thankful after been bullied for 11 and a half years but the fact is, I couldn't hate the people that has hurt me in many ways, because they made me a better person, a person that knew that things like bullying and hurting others ain't okay. They made me want to fight harder to prove that they all had wrong about me and I proved them all. I proved to everyone how I really was and what I was stronger than they thought and I won my battle against bullying. I proved to myself that I could if I only believed in myself.

If you forgive someone that has been hurting you in some way, I promise you that you will be better, you will feel relief - like some heavy burden has been lift off your shoulders. You maybe will have a weird feeling in your body but in the heart it will feel like everything is going to be okay. That there is a new start in a new life that is waiting the very next day.

I know that feeling because I had to forgive the people that hurt me in order to move on with my life. I was waiting for an apology that never came from a lot of people but from someone the: “I am sorry” came but the truth is, I already had forgive the people.

When you say that you forgive the people that has hurt you, life gets easier. It gets easier to get up in the morning and you can start a new life, a life where you can do whatever you want. Make new friends. May be start a old friendship over to see if things has change for the better? You have so much to do so forgive and move on.

Stay Strong And Never Give Up Hope

// Mickaela