Many say that education is they key to the future. Education is something that is very important in life, for all people all around the globe.. You need to go too school, too get an education to get a job, well, at least in Sweden were I live. If you don't have a education today, life will get harder. I know some people don't like school and I really understand that. I have hated school for so many years but today I'm going to a school I really like and it really feels like been home and I live on this school, far away from my family. School have been really hard for me under so many years but I have always got very good grades and that I'm very happy for, but I also know that some people don't have it good in schools.

Many people all around the word is getting bullied (a subject I will talk about someday later this year) and I know that been bullied is horrible, it really sucks. And when you go through school gets very tough and hard. If you are all alone and have nobody to talk or hang out with, it is really hard to like school. Some teachers don't really care about what's really going on and that is something that makes me angry and sad.

In school, every single person should respect another but sadly that ain't happening. It beaks my heart to see people skip school, skip classes because education have become a important key to go far in the future, to get a job. The education was easier before but today it is really hard to get a job or something like that without any graduation/education. 

(I really like this video this guy has done. He is amazing and he knows exactly what he means and is great with explain it all so everyone understands)

Some parents is very hard on there kids because they want them to get good grades and get a good job, live a good and happy life. But sometimes parents press there kids to much and kids breaks down because they gets anxiety and stress for staying up all night to study to test, only cause they have parent to make happy, that has high standards. Some parent has high expectations that there kids don't know what else to do than to study to make them proud. Some gets angry when kids fails of test&exams... but that is a part of life, kids fails on test and exams everyday, people learns from mistakes just like parents did when they were younger.

People need to stop having to high expectations on there kids, start to support them and teachers, make school a good place for kids to be in. We that go to school, is in school in so many years and many of us wants to learn and make a different. But sometimes we have enough and we are only humans. We can't do 20 test or project in one week, that is impossible.

 What I mean is that we can only do as much as we possible can. We will break down, we will feel lost but somehow we are going to find our way, get a education and take over the world. But some people that never goes to school ends up where they belong anyway. I'm not saying that people should drop out of school (I think everyone deserves to go to school and get to learn to read and spell. Every single person in this world deserves to have an education!)

Stay Strong And Never Give Up Hope!

// Mickaela


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