Why haven't I updated this blog for a while?

“First of all, I am so sorry for the very bad update.. well, the truth is that I have had a hard time, it is like the bullying has started all over for me again.. I thought I was free from it after 11 and a half year, well, I was wrong. I am trying to get good grades in school before we go on summer holiday next month trying to get of bed every morning and going to school.. I don't like school any more, I don't want to go to school, I have panic attacks sometimes and it is like a hard stone is in my stomach that hurts so bad.. I don't even want to ride the horses any more... so yeah, things ain't that great any more.. It is harder than it was before but I am fighting. I am fighting every single day. I have fall down and now, I am trying to get back up again. Hard, yeah it is very hard and it hurts so bad.. But I need to keep on going and that is something I will do by this blog. I will continue to write things and maybe help someone and myself at the same time. Some days are harder than others.. so the update will be on/off but I hope it will get better soon. Hope you overlook this bad update because things is really hard for me right now.. but I am not going to give up this blog.”



People say that I am a hero, an angel.. well, no, I am nothing like that. I am a human that knows what it feels like to be bullied into silence. I know how it feels to get called names, how it feels when people hits you, how it feels like when you don't want to live anymore, when you have had enough... I know what it feels like to be alone and lost.. and I know what it feels like to get back up and fight and get free.. sadly I am back at square one but I will not stop fighting. I don't want that anyone else has to go true what I had to go true and have to go true.. I want to end bullying and I hope that the bullying will end one day. Until the day bullying ends, I will fight. I will fight until I die, to stop what happens to millions of people.


Why do I want bullying to end?
I want it to end so bad because it is
WRONG, WRONG! Bullying is so damn wrong and it is so freaking horrible. People kills themselves because other people hate them and brings them down to the bottom, until they don't see the point of living. That ain't fear... Every single person in this world deserves to live, everyone deserves to be happy and live life as they want to. Everyone is beautiful, perfect exacly as they are. No one should change because others say so. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!


Bullying should not even exist... One day I hope this horrible things ends forever.. until that day, I will fight.. well, as long as I live.

// Mickaela


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